Rush N Krush




Destroy your opponents on the road


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Rush N Krush is a 3D driving game where players participate in brutal races through traffic. You'll be able to play on both normal circuits where your aim is to be the first to cross the finish line, or in other infinite circuits where you'll strive to get as far as you can anyway you can.

Your vehicle accelerates automatically, which is why normally all you need to do is worry about changing lanes. This is easy enough to do, just by pushing buttons from left to right on your screen. Next to these buttons, is where you'll find the jump button along with the ones that let you activate your special skills.

The races in Rush N Krush aren't overly realistic by any means. Actually, in most games you'll get to activate mighty special attacks that allow you to completely destroy any traffic that gets in your way or bust out some huge spikes that'll clear the way of any rival that crosses your path.

Even though in the beginning you'll only need one vehicle, you'll have the opportunity to unblock many more. In fact, the game allows you to buy tons of improvements and additional abilities for your cars. Of course, you'll also need to earn cash in each race in order to access this content.

Rush N Krush is a racing game with certain elements that'll easily remind you of Destruction Derby along with some aspects typical to the 'endless runner' genre. The visuals in this game, while nothing extraordinary, are actually pretyy spectacular when you're rushing down the highway at full speed through the super dense traffic jams.

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher.

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